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Today was good because . . .
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Sometimes we have good days. Sometimes we have bad days. Most of the time we have good days where bad stuff happens, or bad days where good stuff happens, depending on your point of view. This is where you tell us all how your day was good.

No sadness, no drama, no angst. Just one reason, thing, or person that contributed to making at least one part of your day a good day.

How it works is like this: One of your friendly mods, either andy_longwood or inquisitively makes a post for each day, and you tag on a reply with a comment, story, or word about a good thing. Then you read about all the good things that happened to other people, and get a warm fuzzy glow inside knowing that life doesn't always suck.

So sit back, set aside your woe, think about how your day was good, and tell us why!